Natural Geometrics
This collection has been inspired by nature and the mathematics of nature. I am exploring the Fibonacci sequence and the golden section and the relationships between nature and maths so that I can understand more fully the relationahip between two seemingly unrelated sources of inspiration. These pieces have been made with a variety of metals including sterling silver, copper and aluminium.
For further details or enquires please contact me Eileen Ayers
Image 2-1
Fibonacci pyramid amethyst necklace

Image 2-7
Fibonacci eagle necklace

Image 2-3
Fibonacci pyramid amethyst earrings

Image 1-4
Fibonacci eagle earrings

Image 2-5
Pyramid in silhouette

Image 2-6
Fibonnaci pyramid opalite necklace

Image 2-2
Fibonnaci eagle necklace

Image 2-8
Octagonal geode earrings

Image 2-9
Fibonacci pyramid rain forest jasper necklace

Image 2-10
Fibonacci eagle octagonal geode earrings

Image 2-11
Octagonal geode necklace

Image 2-12
Fibonacci pyramid rings

Image 2-10
Fibonacci pyramid ring

Image 2-11
Eagle octagonal geode necklace

Image 2-12
Pyramid in silhouette