Cosmic Connections
This collection has been inspired by the night sky, which I get spectacular views of out here in the middle of nowhere in Devon. I have used marbles to represent planets and stars, and I have made sure that the marbles can still spin around giving you that little something extra to play with. These pieces have been made with a variety of metals including sterling silver, copper and aluminium. For further details or enquires please contact me Eileen Ayers
Image 1-1
Cosmic orbits pendant

Image 1-2
Nebula pendant

Image 1-3
Cosmic orbit earrings

Image 1-4
Nebula orbits pendant

Image 1-5
Cosmic orbit ring

Image 1-6
Nebula in fire pendant

Image 1-7
Reverse side of cosmic orbits

Image 1-8
Copper flying saucer bracelet

Image 1-9
Watch me fly pendant in marbles

Image 1-10
Nebula in pink pendant

Image 1-11
Sun orbits pendant

Image 1-12
Flying saucer pendant

Image 1-10
Jupiter pendant

Image 1-11
Mars pendant

Image 1-12
Gaia pendant